Chateau Doisy Daene Cru Classé En 1855 Barsac Sauternes / 2013 / 375mL

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Château Doisy Daëne Cru Classé En 1855 Barsac Sauternes 2013 is a classic dessert wine from the Bordeaux region of France. This wine is made from a blend of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle grapes that have been affected by botrytis, a type of fungus that concentrates the sugars in the grapes.

The wine has a beautiful golden color with aromas of honey, apricots, and candied fruit. On the palate, it is rich and luscious, with flavors of apricots, peaches, and honey, balanced by a refreshing acidity that keeps the wine from being too cloying. The finish is long and complex, with a hint of bitterness that adds depth and interest.

Château Doisy Daëne has a long and storied history, dating back to the 17th century. The estate was classified as a Premier Cru in the famous 1855 classification of Bordeaux wines, and has been owned by the Dubourdieu family since 1924. The current owner, Denis Dubourdieu, is a world-renowned winemaker who has been instrumental in modernizing winemaking techniques in Bordeaux.