Coates Touriga Nacional / 2008 / 500mL

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Category: Wine
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This Fortified Shiraz has been made from organically grown grapes vinified in the traditional Duoro style. Flavour, tannin and sugar ripe grapes were picked at 14.9 Baume to retain a vibrant balance of flavours. Contemporary Australian Vintage Port styles are typically an afterthought with over ripe 17+ Baume grapes that shown dead fruit/raisin characters and broad structure. Great Vintage Port is a difficult wine to make, balancing spirit, acidity, tannin, sugar and flavour. When all of the elements are in balance there is a poise, delicacy and harmony that rival any of the world’s great wines.

A three-hour ‘Corte’ of foot treading was performed to extract colour, flavour and soft tannins. Natural yeast fermentation was allowed to progress for 78 hours before pressing and fortification with a blend of Brandy spirits selected to add character and compliment the base wine. Maturation was under cool, protective conditions for 22 month in old oak with a single racking and regular topping. Bottled unfined and unfiltered in February 2008.

Technical Information

Alcohol – 19.0% by volume

Residual sugar – 85 g/L

Total Acidity – 6.6 g/L

Volatile Acidity – 0.36 g/L

pH – 3.36

Sulphur Dioxide – 82 mg/L Total; 16 mg/L Free

Tasting Notes

Inky crimson red in colour, perfumed aromas of cassis and plum fruits accompanied by aniseed and black earth. The opulent black fruit and licorice flavours are given further complexity by a hint of exotic spice, whilst appealing now cellaring for 20-30 years is recommended.