Emilio Lustau Sherry Rare Amontillado 'Escuadrilla' / NV / 375mL

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Product Overview
Jerez, being one of the southernmost wine-producing regions in Europe, enjoys a warm climate.  Even though summers are usually very hot in this area – especially when the east wind blows  - it is quite breezy due to the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the westerly winds which temper the atmosphere with freshness and humidity from the sea.

It is worth mentioning the hours of sunshine (about 3.000 every year) which our vineyards get and the relatively high rainfall intensity in this area (about 600 litres per year).

The landscape of this area is mainly constituted of hills of chalk-rich soil called “albariza”. The richness of calcium carbonate, clay and silica is due to the marine sediments which were formed when the area was under the sea thousands of years ago. To a lesser extent there are also marshes and sandy soils, the latter being in close proximity to the sea.

Lustau owns two Vineyards in the area of Jerez. The Viña Montegilillo, located on the north of the “Jerez Superior” zone in an area called Carrascal whose albariza soil is ideal for growing the “Palomino” grape. It is this vineyard that provides the must which is destined to produce our dry wines, such as Manzanilla, Fino, Amontillado and Oloroso.

Near the cost, between Sanlúcar and Chipiona, the vineyard Las Cruces is located. Its sandy soils provide, among other varietals, the “Pedro Ximénez” and the “Moscatel”, destined for the production of our sweet wines.

Tasting Notes

Initially aged under a veil of yeast, followed by several years ageing in the oxidative process.

This is a classic Amontillado, with nutty and sweet aromas on the nose. Dry and round on the palate, with a long finish.

Food Pairing:

Ideal to go with hearty soups, anchovies and spicy Indian meals.