Hirsch Vineyards San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir / 2014 / 375mL

$ 70.00 In a mixed 12
$ 72.00 In a mixed 6
$ 80.00 Single
Category: Wine
Sub-Category: Red wine


From a renowned vineyard, San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir is mid weight with very pure fruit texture and balance - floral with hints of cherries and spices.

About the vineyard:

If California were to implement a Grand Cru category along Burgundian lines, then Hirsch Vineyard would easlily make the grade. When David Hirsch bougth his remote ranch, perched high on the very cool Sonoma Coast, in 178 there wasn't a vineyard for miles around, but his decision to plant Pinot Noir in 1980 established him as one of Cailfornia's new viticultural pioneers.

The vineyard's reputation grew steadily, but the big break came in 1994 when Williams-Selyem, Littorai and Kistler began buying Hirsch's fruit.

The subsequent success of those wines (all of which trumpeted the Hirsch vineyard designation on the label) sparked windespread acclaim for the vineyard and prompted a number of high-profile wineries to establish themselves int he area.

In 2002, wtih a full understanding of his vineyard gained over nearly 20 vintages, Hirsch decided to build a winery and bottle the best parcels of fruit under his own label. There is huge complexity of soil and topography across the vineyard with 40 individual parcesl being paicked and vinified separtely each year.

Beginning in 2011, Hirsch is gradually converting his whole vineyard to biodynamics - having been very impressed after seeing the effects on Ted Lemon's vineyards at Littorai; slowed fruit maturity, increased vine health and reduced vigour.

Winemaking has been decidedly hands-off from the outset, and the resulting Pinot Noir - more earthy, more savoury, and with remarkable ability to age and develop int eh cellar - are some of the most highly praised and sought after int eh Untied States.