Gosset Champagne Grande Reserve / NV / 375mL

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Category: Sparkling
Sub-Category: Champagne


Tasting Notes:

Bright and golden in colour, Gosset Grande Reserve Brut displays an attractive and expressive nose ripe red blackcurrants, wheat, dried fruits and gingerbread. A promise-filled introduction of outstanding concentrated yet refreshing gourmet scents.

The Gosset Grande Reserve Brut has a palate that is dominated by refreshing mineral notes combined with a warm and consistent flavour echoing the wine’s richness and plumpness.

Generous, full-bodied and concentrated, this already mature wine neatly invades the palate whilst preserving its fruity, smooth and balanced nature. Hints of figs, prunes and candied cherries give Gosset Grande Reserve Brut Champagne a warm taste whilst the floral and plant-based notes detected in the nose fade discretely, adding even greater sweetness and sophistication.

Then the exceptional flavours of Gosset Grande Reserve Brut are highlighted - flavours of Melba toast, roasted almonds, praline and lightly roated coffee very quickly give rise to a roasted aroma whereas a voluminous and round mouthful encourage us to enjoy 'rolling' this wine on the tongue.

The finish is long, potent and irresistible with the arrival of transient, very fleeting confectionary aromas, such as chestnut puree and rice pudding with caramel, concluding with a remarkable crispness.

Food Matching:

Undoubtedly Gosset Grande Reserve Brut is a wine for the table, a perfect match with sweet and subtly spiced dishes of cooked fruit, sweet and sour, tajines, etc.

This Champagne is a dual personality that gladly complements elaborate dishes with simplicity as by nature it is both tender and tense and sophisticated and confident.