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Which price is for me?

The prices listed on the site are for purchases of 12 or more bottles in a single transaction. If during checkout your cart doesn't reach this amount, you will be offerred a choice to pay the normal price (the price that is crossed out) or continue shopping to take advantage of our better online case pricing.

How long does it take to receive my wine?

It really depends on stock and where we are deliverying to. If we have all items in stock, it can ship from us within 1 business day and if you're in Sydney, you could receive it the next business day. If the items aren't in stock, we will be in touch to let you know when you can expect the wines. Most of our products, if we have run out of stock, can be replenished in a couple of days so the delay usually isn't long.

Do we make money on shipping?

No. We charge what our logistic partner charges us - nothing more - we believe in being transparent to you and showing you the price of the wine separately - we can package up to 22kg in a bundle so when we calculate your selection the system bundles wines as efficiently as possible to save shipping costs. Shipping costs are therefore dependent on what you have ordered - you can view your shipping costs in your cart before making payment.

Are the wines packaged safely?

Yes. Whenever required, we repackage the boxes we receive to ensure you receive the wines intact. Where possible, we try to use recycled boxes and materials to cut down on waste. And our shipping comes with insurance so in the unusual event that the package is damaged we will contact you and let you know how we are going to get a new order to you while we sort out the return of the damaged items. Considering how many packages we send, breakages really are minimal.

Do we charge extra for credit cards?

No. We are happy to absorb the charges from the credit cards ourselves.

Who holds the license for this online store?

Half Bottles is run by Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop - license #LIQP700350261 - the licensee is Dan Farrenc and all transactions and receipts are from our store.

Can you organise gifts?

Absolutely. A lot of our orders are for gifts of wine - contact us or put a note in your online order and we'd be glad to help out.

Do you stock all items at your shop?

We have a great selection of half bottles of wine in our store - but unfortunately not everything (we'd be broke if we did!). The purpose of this online store was to list all those available to us as we found that many stores offering half bottles were limited - both in quality and variety.

Can I pickup the goods from your shop?

You sure can - just mention this when you order and put Bellevue Hill as the delivery suburb, and we'll have it ready for you.

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