Ralph Fowler Wines Botrytis Sticky / 2010 / 375mL

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Category: Wine
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In the good years Ralph Folwer makes about 10 barrels of a late harvest style they affectionately call the “Sticky”.

The flavours are rich intense long and lingering. The finish of the wine is clean and fruity.

This late harvest style is only made in the years they can get access to grapes that are effected by the noble rot (botrytis) and have achieved a baume of to least 18 degrees or more.

Semillon is the preferred variety although they do use Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc.

The wine will age slowly and can be kept for many years.

The Vineyard

The fruit must have botrytis and be in excess of 18 baume. This generally does not occur until end of May early June. Often the vines have lost their leaves and the bunches must be hand picked.

The Winemaking

The shrivelled grapes are hand picked and pressed out in Ralph Fowler's basket press over 24 hours. The syrupy juice is fermented in barrels for 6 months until it reaches 12 to 13% alcohol and the fermentation stops (sometimes naturally) around Christmas time. The wine is then finished off, blended and bottled.