Brown Brothers Patricia Noble Riesling / 2008 / 375mL

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Category: Wine
Sub-Category: Fortified


Product Overview

50 years since the first release of the Noble Riesling in 1962 and the wine continues to impress.

Tasting Notes

The 2008 Noble Riesling has a bright, rich golden yellow colour. The nose has fresh lifted aromatics and classic botrytis characters like quince, butterscotch, honey, orange marmalade and citrus. All these aromas follow through to the palate which is concentrated and complex with a silky mouth feel. The high natural acidity balances the residual sweetness to provide a refreshingly clean finish.

Food Pairing:

The complexity, richness and elegance of this wine make it a delicious partner to desserts like crème caramel, sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce or baked lemon cheesecake. It is also a perfect foil to cheese platters - including strong flavoured blues and pungent flavoured washed rind styles, or with a rich paté at the start of a great meal.

Winemaking Notes

The fruit for the Patricia Noble Riesling is grown at our Milawa vineyard which has proven over the years to be an excellent and reliable fruit source for this wine. Towards the end of vintage each year, a portion of the Riesling fruit is left to hang on the vines for late harvesting. In the warm, moist conditions brought about by morning mists and gentle autumn rains, the grapes attract the mould Botrytis Cinerea or ‘Noble Rot’. This mould grows on the grape skins resulting in thinning of the skins which leads to loss of fluid from the berries, leaving them shrunken, raisined and highly concentrated in sugar and flavour.