D'Arenberg Nostalgia / NV / 375mL

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Product Overview 

Celebrating their centenary in 2012, d'Arenberg is one of the most significant wineries in McLaren Vale. In 1912 Joseph Osborn, a teetotaler and director of Thomas Hardy and Sons, purchased the well established Milton Vineyards in the hills just north of the townships of Gloucester and Bellevue, now just known as McLaren Vale. 

100 years on, it is not surprising that with the "Red Stripe" in their blood, d'Arry and Chester's viticultural and oenological talents have ensured d'Arenberg has continued to win critical acclaim, numerous trophies and national and international awards, none more so than in recent years. d'Arenberg is continuing to produce wines that are a credit to both the winery and the region. 

Winemaking Notes

This old wine style is named The Nostalgia Rare Tawny because of the nostalgic value of very old Tawny Ports (no longer allowed to be called Port). The name ‘Rare’ because the average age of this wine is so old that more has evaporated to the air through the pores of the old wood it lay in, than is left behind. It is also rare to see a wine as old as this.

Tasting Notes

The wine is a Tawny Port in style although older and more concentrated that many Portuguese Tawny Ports. There is a huge array of characters in this fortified ranging from walnut, cherry, toffee, molasses, caramel, cumquats and marmalade. Due to the huge evaporation rate of 7% per annum, the wine ends up being quite liquour-like but is not overly sweet because of the huge rancio character (drying mature complex oak character). The flavours of the wine remain with you a long time after consumption.