D'Arenberg The Noble Wrinkled / 2011 / 375mL

$ 20.00 In a mixed 12
$ 23.40 In a mixed 6
$ 26.00 Single
Category: Wine
Sub-Category: Sticky


The Story Behind The Name

Botrytis cinerea (or Noble Rot as it more affectionately known) weakens the skin of grapes causing the water inside the berry to evaporate. With the water evaporated the skins are wrinkled and the berries fall of sugar and nutrients. 

The Characteristics

If “death by chocolate” truly exists, then this is certainly the vinous equivalent. Decadence is an understatement. Oozing sweet marmalade, raisin and honeysuckle flavours. The true threat however of this wine lies in the zesty, vibrant lemon and lime sherbet notes, which ensure that we are left salivating and returning ever so quickly for more. Liquid gold!