D'Arenberg The Vintage Fortified Shiraz / 2007 / 375mL

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Category: Wine
Sub-Category: Fortified


The Characteristics

The wine has a very deep black appearance with a wonderful crimson deep cherry red hue. Intense aromas of ripe, blackberry fruits, liquorice appear first followed by prune-like notes with deep spicy plum pudding characters. As it opens, deeper blackberry mulberry fruits with anise evolve combined with a lifted (and slightly ‘taily’) brandy spirit which is most appealing. The initial attack of primary fruit flavours, combined with the integrated, unwooded brandy spirit ensure the palate is full-flavoured balanced with very fine, almost tea-like tannins and the dry impact of the spirit. Just wonderful! With significant bottle age, ‘The Vintage Fortified’ made with Shiraz gains extraordinary complexity. The intense young colour becomes a lighter, more ruby-red initially, then quite amber. Fruit and brandy spirit integrate further, making way for whiffs of roses, chocolate/walnut, coffee and orange/cumquat peel smells. The palate becomes more balanced and develops further complexity with notes of caramelised figs, dark chocolate, malt, coffee and vanilla mixed with tobacco-like flavours with a finish that’s very soft and delicate. While we’ve never made a wine like this blend before we know that Chambourcin ages beautifully and exotically with strength of character and acidity. We suspect with time there will be greater emphasis of tannins and a strong rose bush and chicken feather notes (not dissimilar to a bottle aged Barolo) will evolve mixed with traditional characteristics as mentioned above.