Domaine Weinbach Altenbourg de Grains Nobles Gewurztraminer / 2002 / 375mL

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Category: Wine
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"[Laurence Faller] is one of the best winemakers in the world. She manages to capture the tiniest detail in her wines and they shine through their style, their precision of fruit, their elegance of texture and their amazing balance - they are faultless"

- Olivier Poussier, Revue de Vins de France

Product Overview

One of France's most distinguished wine Estates is also one of its most enjoyable and entertaining. Weinbach is universally regarded as one of the greatest producers of Alsace and therefore by proxy, one of the greatest 'aromatic' Domaine's in the world. Yet it is a domaine that remains incredibly grounded, refreshingly free from overarching self importance and pomposity.

Tasting Notes

Wonderful aromas of rose, gilly-flower, jasmine, spices, crystallized citrus fruit… with velvety bodies, they are sumptuous as an aperitif, with exotic food, smoked salmon or even with cheese, especially with French cheeses such as Munster or Roquefort. The taste of a particularly rich Gewurztraminer, a Grand Cru Furstentum or Late Harvest, is incomparable with a foie gras. It will be your taste buds' delight!