Emilio Lustau Sherry Amontillado 'Los Arcos' / NV / 375mL

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Category: Wine
Sub-Category: Fortified


Product Overview

This wine, partially aged under a veil of yeast like the Finos (the biological process) completes its ageing without the yeast (oxidative process) using the Solera method.

Tasting Notes

Golden tawny, caramel colour with olive green edge. Wonderful nose with aroma of walnut & hazelnut over a background of flor yeast.

The palate is drier than the more commercial Amontillado styles with a distinct nut and salt flavour with walnut and almonds being most defined.

Excellent depth and concentration of flavours with the saltiness continuing, followed by a strong flor yeast and hazelnut aftertaste.

Food Pairing:

Goes well with cured cheese, consommé, mushrooms, artichokes and green asparagus.