FX pichler Riesling Loibenberg Smaragd / 2011 / 375mL

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Lucas Pichler was one of the numerous growers to describe the relatively low alcohol and efficious acidity of his 2007s as "classic", even though at hsi address in particular, one can hardly consider that statistically correct.

The finished wines are reminiscent of the superb Pichler 1999s which were lushly, at times even extravagently fruity (not to mention intensely mineral) while remaining refreshing and moderate in alcohol.

F.X Pichler compares the best of this years Rieslings with his 1997s, and certainly in terms of sheer quality it is hard to argue with that assessment. The Pichlers have never favoured hedging or leaf pulling, and think that the consequence this year was to protect the embryonic bunches from the searing heat and sun of July and to enhance ripening in the long autumn. Of course, the flipside of this could be the trapping of water and promotion in the long botrytis. And Lucas Pichler relates that to achieve excellent Federspiel, it was necessary to laboriously cut out botrytised and otherwise imperfect portions from a substaintial share of the clusters.