Gigante Picolit DOC / 2005 / 375mL

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Category: Wine
Sub-Category: White Wine


Product Overview

Located in the hills of Corno di Rosazzo in the heart of Friuli, this small family owned and operated winery has 20 hectares of land planted to vines. The care of the land, the environment, and production are the key ingredients for high quality grapes that arrive in the cellar after a strictly manual harvest. The fruit is then subject to the most modern oenological techniques with a focus of maintaining the varietal and regional typicality.

Tasting Notes

A noble sweet white wine with an intense golden yellow colour. Notes of citrus, honey and wild white flowers on the nose. Lingering and harmonious palate described by Gigante as a great meditation wine. Aged in oak for 15 months, with further bottle aging for 12 months.