Weingut Gunderloch Rothenberg Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese / 2004 / 375mL

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Product Overview

Fair to say that of all the fabulous German producers that are around, the wines of Reinhard Lowenstein are those that go closest to 'polarizing the room' whenever they are presented. Having said that, it would be fair to say that the style of these wines continues to evolve, and with the 08' and 09' releases the domaine has won over more fans than ever before.

Here's what Robert Parker had to say about the 09' Rottgen:

"Peach and permission with smoky impingements of black tea, crushed stone, and citrus zest dominate the nose and quite sumptuous palate of Heymann-Lowenstein's 2009 Rottgen Riesling with a deep, subtly toasted nutty richness and hints of fruit pit piquancy adding depth in a long finihs, avoiding any sense of warmth and mustering considerable lip-smacking, saliva-inducing sense of refreshment and enticement to take the next sip. I would anticipate being rewarded by following this for at least the better part of the next decade!"

- Robert Parker

Tasting Notes

Absolutely at the top and even better than our Beerenauslese. The highlight for a very special day. A great flavour of dried exotic fruits. Marvellous acidity, abundant sweetness and great elegance. Just as something sweet, a ripe dessert wine, great with paté de foie gras. Or a valuable collector´s item.