Pauletts Wines Trillians Sparkling Riesling / NV / 200mL

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Category: Sparkling
Sub-Category: Australian


Paulett favour elegance and balance in their wines and have strived for this with their Trillians Sparkling Red.  Always a selected blend (mostly of Shiraz Cabernet Merlot but not necessarily in that order), allows Paulett to achieve their wish.  Secondary fermentation by the Charmat process allows Paulett to sustain fruit roundness & tannin of the wine whilst keeping true to its integrity.  Intentionally a slightly drier style than most but beautifully balanced to ensure the best of both worlds- a stand alone drink with friends or a beautiful accompaniment to a meal.  Following continuing cork problems with past Sparkling Reds Paulett are so pleased they have made the decision to move to a crown seal closure.  No more tainted or flat bottles.