Equipo Navazos Gran Solera / NV / 375mL

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It’s been fifteen years since Eduardo Ojeda and Jesús Barquín burst onto the scene with their limited edition, mind-blowing La Bota series. Sourced from the region’s rarest, most significant (and hitherto neglected) solera systems, Equipo Navazos swiftly became the cult producer for quality Sherry lovers, knowledgeable sommeliers and indie retailers worldwide.

In spite of more competition these days (which Navazos welcome), Ojeda and Barquín continue to offer some of the most extraordinary and complex wines we ship from Europe. Yet, the Equipo Navazos story does not end with the exceptional and rare La Bota range. In consultation with his importers, Jesús Barquín set about curating a trio of less exclusive, unfiltered (en rama) sherries under the Equipo Navazos label. 

This the much-loved PX Gran Solera, the result of aging the pure, very sweet, fortified must of Pedro Ximénez raisins for an average of 20+ years, “... or maybe even 25 years, the solera system hardly allows us to be more precise,” says Jesús.

Specifically, this wine was drawn from a solera of 22 casks located in one of the finest bodegas at Jerez de la Frontera.

Here it has been aged in a typical Jerezano style (in casks filled up to 5/6 of their capacity only). This method results in a less-fruity, earthier, more savoury and complex style of PX. The source solera has come to be identified as Solera Pedro Ximénez NO and until 2016 had never been bottled before (thank Jesús it was).

The aged complexity, balance and yumminess on offer here has to be tasted to be believed. This Jerezano method used here results in a less-fruity, earthier, more savoury and complex style of PX.