Robert Weil Grafenberg Riesling Auslese / 2008 / 375mL

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Category: Wine
Sub-Category: White Wine


Cellar release. 48 bottles only. Weil are considered true masters of the sweeter prädikat styles and the mountainous, rocky setting of the vineyards allows for a perfect balance between natural sweetness (akin to a beautifully ripe piece of fruit), mouth-watering freshness and pungent minerality.

Weil's Gräfenberg Riesling Auslese (technically a BA) is produced in almost homeopathic quantities. Yields are very low, resulting in wines of extraordinary concentration. Wilhelm opened this 07 for us at the climax of our tasting this year. What a way to finish! At six years old its youthful fruitiness has made way for bewildering depth and complexity.

A kaleidoscope of delicious flavours: salted caramel, marmalade and crème brûlée (for example), unfurled across the palate. Impeccably balanced by juicy freshness, this is a statuesque Riesling that is only just starting to enter its 'zone'. We managed to convince Wilhelm Weil to release 48 bottles from his museum stock to us. So here it is. A wine that definitely hits the G(räfenberg)-spot.