Rutherglen BDV Muscat / 2012 / 375mL

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Category: Wine
Sub-Category: Fortified


Vintage conditions

2012 was another interesting year. The growing conditions started favourably with cooler than average daily temperatures and until late February, average rainfall. This was ideal ripening weather for the grapes as the vines were stress and disease free with the fruit showing fantastic potential. This changed dramatically in late February when 260mm of rain fell in a one week period. The wines from 2012 testify that it was a fantastic vintage for the white grapes as the majority of them were picked before the rain event. The first reds picked still showed the benefits of the cooler year with fantastic colour and flavour. As the season progressed the quality of the red grapes decreased and Rutherglen decided not to pick those left. It is highly unusual to have such a variation in quality during the one vintage.

Tasting notes

It is believed that the Muscat grape has been growing in Europe for over two thousand years. Rutherglen's light delicate fortified Muscat is made in a style more commonly seen in some sweet European wine styles.

In keeping with the traditional earlier harvested style, Rutherglen's pale gold BdV Muscat is highly aromatic, has lovely floral hints of rose and musk, and a delicately light, yet sweet palate with lingering flavours of turkish delight. We have produced only a small quantity of this most refreshing sticky.


Produced from the same Brown Muscat (Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge), used for more traditional Rutherglen Muscat styles. The fruit for this wine was harvested a month early, before intense raisining had commenced. This enabled Rutherglen to maintain a fresh fruity flavour profile. To enhance and promote the delicate nature of the varietal characters at this lower level of ripeness, only the lightest pressed juice was selected.
This was fermented at cool temperatures in stainless steel, with a highly aromatic yeast. Once the wine had fermented to the required level of residual sweetness, it was fortified by the addition of very clean and very neutral distilled grape spirit to produce a final alcoholic strength of 14.5%.

Wine detail & analysis
Variety Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge
Region Rutherglen, North East Victoria
Harvest date March 2012
Release date September 2012
Alcohol 14.5%
Oak treatment nil
Total acid 5.0g/L
pH 3.36
Residual sugar approx 100g/L