Schafer Frohlich Felseneck Riesling Auslese / 2011 / 375mL

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Category: Wine
Sub-Category: White Wine


Tasting Notes

Through intensive selection of grapes we harvested in late October shrunken Riesling grapes. The wine, a dream of finest fruit flavors concentrated in the mouth and in the finale of racy elegance and delicate shades of berry shaped.

Gault Millau 2010:

“After tasting a brilliant range of wines such as this all you can do is stand there with your mouth open in surprise. No other estate in the Nahe region was able to present such a grandiose collection of wines this year. Indeed, the phalanx of Grands Crus (Grosse Gewachs) and outstanding sweet botrytis wines is unmatched anywhere in Germany. The whole range simply shines, showing off what makes a great estate so special: a totally individualistic style. Added to that comes the ability of presenting this style in all its perfection practically every year


David Schildknecht:

“Rivetting, brilliantly clear riesling from dry to nobly sweet … not only admirable but downright astonishing. Year after year, seemingly heedless of Mother Nature, the Frohlichs seem to raise the bar.”

John Gilman:

“Tim Frohlich is making some absolutely scintillating wines.”

Joel Payne:

“If you want to know what great German riesling can taste like, buy some of these 2008s.”