Sordo Giovanni Grappa di Barolo / NV / 500mL

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Product Overview

Sordo Giovanni is based near Alba in Castiglione Falletto in the heart of Piemonte’s Barolo producing areas. Giuseppe Sordo founded the company at the beginning of the 20th century and three generations of the Sordo family have continued the tradition of producing quality wines from this region. Giorgio Sordo and his wife Emanuela currently manage the company and are committed to producing quality wines using traditional techniques. In recent years the company has engaged in the production of a premium Barolo Chinato using an ancient and guarded family recipe and a fine example of a Grappa made from Nebbiolo.

Tasting Notes

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Tasting Notes: 

This Grappa di Barolo shows an elegant nose of vanilla and the fragrance of the nebbiolo grapes themselves. The palate is balanced, with a soft delicate flavour, finishing intense and long.