Valdespino Sherry Inocente Fino / NV / 375mL

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Product Overview

Valdespino is one of the oldest and most traditional Sherry houses. They still ferment a large proportion of their wines in wood, giving their wines added depth and complexity.

Valdespino Inocente Fino is the only sherry to be produced using grapes from one vineyard. The Solera system employed by Valdespino is similarly unique, being a 10 scale system rather than the customary four. One of the meanings of this Spanish word [solera] is a plinth and this might (for no one quite knows how the word came to stand for this complicated Jerez system of equalising wines) give some clue to the provenance of the word, for it has been argued that when the bodegas were formerly used as drinking rendezvous for the friends of the proprietor, guests used to ask for their next glass " off the floor," i.e. from the lower butts on the scantling which were the best.

Tasting Notes

Very pale, almost neutral in colour, with a slight yellow/green tint. A beautiful sherry fino nose, green apple, almonds and a slight note of iodine. Its dry and bursting with freshness in the mouth, jam packed full of classic flavours: a light bitter herb and a yeasty, woody character mixed in with some salty nuts. Complex and refreshing. Nicely balanced, it has a prick of acid and a nice smooth finish. A classic.