M Chapoutier Coufis Viognier / 375mL

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Grape variety

The volcanic slopes are situated at the foot of the Coirons Massif. It is located in the South of Ardèche, on the right bank of the Rhône.

The grapes are hand-harvested at good maturity. Then they are raisining in crate (not on trunks).

The alcoholic fermentation is entirely performed in new or recent casks and takes place slowly for several months.

The wine is aged on lees in casks. It is bottled around 24 months after harvesting, according to the course of fermentation, with an important quantity of residual sugars.


Colour: dark straw-yellow.
Nose: very intense of exotic fruits,
orange and apricot.
Palate: very mellow with a long persistency. Well-balanced between alcohol and residual sugars. This wine has a very long ageing potential.long ageing potential.