Mr Riggs Sticky End Late Harvest Viognier / 2018 / 375mL

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Category: Wine
Sub-Category: Fortified


Inspired by the Italian Passito style, Ben has crafted a fruit driven sticky with less botrytis characteristics and more of a typical Viognier character. Indeed a fresh, fragrant style, crisp over the palate and sticky to the end!

Carefully hand-picked into small crates and stacked to allow free air flow, the grapes were left for 3 weeks to dry out. Hence rack stacked and wrinkled!

These late harvest Viognier winegrapes were then crushed with care, pressed with panache and the juice joyfully let into old French barriques with 20% new French oak lees added for five months.

As the ferment approached perfect taste pitch, the process was stopped.

Yes, you can feel the zest, taste the Tangerine, and mouth the Marmalade. A perfect sticky ending!